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Simple Faith — August 1, 2018

Simple Faith

Salvation isn’t about “asking Jesus into your heart”.

There’s nothing in the New Testament which says that.

Rather, it’s about repenting and submitting to His Kingdom …

On His terms, not ours.

In the final day …

It’s the only Gospel that counts.

Simple Faith — July 16, 2018

Simple Faith

The Bible doesn’t say to believe in yourself …

But to die to self.

Jesus never said to forgive yourself …

But to forgive others and then ask God to forgive you.

The Gospel isn’t about affirming you …

But about repenting and surrendering to Christ’s rule.

Only then will you find yourself …

Your freedom …

And your validation …

As defined by Him.

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Simple Discipleship — March 23, 2017

Simple Discipleship

It is liberating to learn that God did not create us to be like someone else …

But instead gives us different personalities and motivations that match our diverse spiritual gifts.

We experience His pleasure as we learn to uniquely use and enjoy those gifts as He intended …

In our lives, families, fellowships and surrounding communities.

Simple Truth — February 4, 2017

Simple Truth

​Those who reduce grace to what they subjectively perceive God is telling them, filtered through their own sensibilities …

Often reject external Biblical morality, precepts and commands which stand independently true in Scripture.

For them, it all comes down to what they individually feel and like …

As they elevate their own perceptions as the final standard over what God authentically says.

Simple Church — December 27, 2016

Simple Church

The New Testament doesn’t say “church” is where we encounter or are ushered into God’s presence through “worship”.

There’s not a single verse in the entire New Testament to that effect.

Nope, not, nadda …

Just ain’t there.

Rather, we are simply told that when we gather as the church we should express God’s presence already in us through ministry one to another …

Which includes singing together for the purpose of encouraging each other.

Big difference.

Let’s start being the church as God instructs in His Word …

Not as our own carnality wants.

Simple Joy — November 26, 2016

Simple Joy

God created us to be integrated individuals:

Embodied, rational, spiritual and relational.

All great heresies deny, isolate or over emphasize one or more of those qualities.

They distort God’s desire to redeem our full humanity …

Complete and whole.

Simple Joy — November 8, 2016

Simple Joy

​Don’t confuse God’s grace with His delight.

You can experience His grace, which is unmerited …

But then miss His delight, which comes from doing His will and obeying His commands.

If you doubt this, just do a quick online word search for “delight” in any good Bible translation.

Christian bloggers, authors and pundits who deny this distinction …

Know not God or His authentic joy.

Simple Faith — October 30, 2016
Simple Discipleship — October 24, 2016

Simple Discipleship

God’s no thief.

He won’t take the burdens of our heart – our accumulated regrets, hurts, anxieties and wrongs – unless we first own them …

By honestly acknowledging through confession that we have them.

Then we must give them to Him …

As an intentional act of release.

Nor is God a cheat.

When we do, He always gives us something good in return.

Simple Joy — September 22, 2016

Simple Joy

​Many mornings I wake up grateful.

I get my coffee, watch the sun rise, and think of the blessings God has restored in my life.

Too often we look at what we’ve lost …

And forget to appreciate the wonder of new opportunities, new relationships, and even new purpose and meanings in Christ.

He makes all things new.

Simple Church — September 9, 2016

Simple Church

​Many “go to church” to:

  • Sit in regimented rows;
  • Listen to a monologue “sermon” by “the Pastor”; and
  • Enjoy staged “worship” …

During a directed Sunday “service” performed by the “anointed” few in an odd building.

Some, however, “are the church” with:

  • Shared teachings with dialogue and discussion;
  • Spontaneous songs and diverse gifts that arise from and among them; and
  • Other participation by each and every one through active ministry “one to another”, including diverse elders, as a functional community …

Which gathers together in homes and other hospitable places where life naturally happens.

What “church”, do you think, looks more like the New Testament?

Simple Joy — August 25, 2016
Simple Faith — June 28, 2016
Simple Faith — May 17, 2016

Simple Faith

When past hurts, disappointments and emotional wounds begin to define us …

They destroy our future.

If we transparently acknowledge, expose and release them to Jesus …

Then our future can exceed our past.

It’s always our choice, however.

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Simple Faith — March 3, 2016

Simple Faith

In the cool of the day, God walked side-by-side and fellowshipped face-to-face with Adam in Adam’s garden …

To enjoy together the fruit of Adam’s passion, creativity and labor.

It’s OK to be human …

That’s where God wants to meet us too.