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Simple Discipleship — March 23, 2017

Simple Discipleship

It is liberating to learn that God did not create us to be like someone else …

But instead gives us different personalities and motivations that match our diverse spiritual gifts. 

We experience His pleasure as we learn to use and enjoy those gifts as He intended …

In our lives, families, fellowships and surrounding communities.

Simple Truth — March 22, 2017

Simple Truth

When it comes to laws and government …

There is no moral neutrality. 

Someone’s ultimate beliefs will always prevail and become the basis for our laws and national policies, which the government then enforces …

Even if it is the belief that there are no moral principles.

Simple Truth — March 21, 2017
Simple Truth — March 20, 2017
Simple Truth — March 19, 2017

Simple Truth

When we give civil government the separate rights and responsibilities assigned by God to individuals, to families and to His church …

It becomes our idol and we its supplicants.

Simple Church — March 18, 2017

Simple Church

Pharisees in the New Testament were religious teachers and leaders who insisted that others do what they were not doing or living in their own lives.

Today, we have authors, bloggers and so-called “workers” (their euphemism for “apostles”) peddling their ideas, seminars, and influence by telling others how to form an “organic” or “simple” church …

Despite no consistent history of substainably making what they promote work in their own lives and home towns.

One need look no further than Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, Felicity Dale, Ross Rohde, Keith Giles and their buddies …

With their various here today, gone tomorrow mutual promotion networks.

The irony is that when you point this out, they call YOU the Pharisee!

Simple, participatory church works as the New Testament authoritatively shows it  …

Not as they keep selling it with their own existential sensibilities thrown in.

Be discerning.

Simple Discipleship — March 17, 2017
Simple Truth — March 16, 2017

Simple Truth

Too often, we say it’s all about Jesus, when in reality we create Jesus in our own image – shaped by hurts from wrongs we’ve suffered …

And use that false Christ to justify our safely-ensconced retreat into self-constructed cocoons.

Such a Jesus then becomes our bondage …

Rather than the authentic, liberating Lord of all.

Simple Love — March 15, 2017
Simple Church — March 14, 2017
Simple Discipleship — March 13, 2017
Simple Church — March 12, 2017

Simple Church

There are no hierarchical titles in the New Testament among God’s people and the church:

Just straightforward descriptive words for different functions using the everyday vernacular of ordinary folk …

And bad English translations which imply otherwise.

Simple Truth — March 11, 2017
Simple Truth — March 10, 2017
Simple Truth — March 9, 2017

Simple Truth

For some reason …

My words and convictions seem to irritate those persistently pushing whatever next new thing strikes their fancy, without first paying the price to make work in their own lives and local communities.

Upon reflection, it occurs to me that maybe it’s good to occasionally irritate people peddling what they ain’t living …

Just like Jesus did with the Pharisees of His day.

Which is why I posted this.


Simple Church — March 8, 2017
Simple Church — March 7, 2017

Simple Church

None of Christ’s mandates, like the Kingdom of God, mission and discipleship …

Fully work apart from the other mandate to be His ekklesia – His local participatory assembly which expresses His Kingship within the communities where we live – is also fully working.

Simple Truth — March 6, 2017

Simple Truth

False prophets, teachers and so-called apostles are not so hard to spot:

They seek more attention for themselves; 

More position for themselves; 

More fame for themselves; 

More money for themselves; and 

More followers for themselves …

Than Jesus ever did.

Simple Church — March 5, 2017
Simple Discipleship — March 4, 2017
Simple Virtue — March 3, 2017

Simple Virtue

Jesus wants His disciples to be personal peacemakers who turn their own cheeks against minor individual offences …

While He also gives civil magistrates the power of the sword to protect others from true evil.

Those who see this as a contradiction …

Lack an authentically Biblical worldview.

Simple Truth — March 2, 2017

Simple Truth

There are no naked facts …

Because no fact, standing alone, innately interprets itself.

Facts as we perceive them from our finite perspective only find definition and meaning in a broader interpretive framework.

If you stop to consider this, the only interpretive framework able to communicate reliable meaning …

Is the external revelation of an omniscient and omnipotent God who created all things from nothing.

As such, only He knows everything about anything, since nothing exists apart from His comprehensive knowledge and authority …

And there is nothing He doesn’t know which might contradict what He does know.

Without Him and His resulting external written Word, where He defines us and His creation …

We and our “facts” are left solely with ourselves and our own subjective limitations, with no basis for reliable truth claims.

This is why postmodern existentialism, which rejects all transcendent interpretive frameworks and revelation, has no basis for claiming to know truth – or understand meaning – about anything.

Ironically, even some Christians naively fall prey to the postmodern existential absurdity of making the authoritative propositional claim …

That there is no authoritative propositional truth, reality or morality. 

Instead, they make the further absurd external claim that all meaning lies within them …

As they then insist on the right to define Christ and everything else through their own self-referential perceptions.

How frustrating it must be when even the meaning of their absurdities depends on the very God-given foundations of truth and knowledge which they reject. 

Simple Discipleship — March 1, 2017

Simple Discipleship

Be wary of those who peddle the latest theological fads.

Often they prey on those who are spiritually wounded by offering the affirmation of “deeper” life or knowledge …

Rather than sharing the health and assurance of simple faith.

Here are two tests that typically weed out these merchants of deception:

1. Are they part of an actual, functional local fellowship in their own home town where they are transparent and accountable to a community of fellow believers, among whom their ideas have demonstrated consistently good fruit over time?

2. Do they openly affirm and submit to the plenary authority of Scripture in all matters of life and doctrine?

If not, you likely are dealing with a wolf …

Rather than a legitimate teacher.

Simple Truth — February 28, 2017

Simple Truth

By God’s sovereign grace alone, He grants us the ability to choose Him.

By His sovereign delegation alone, He also grants us the ability to reject Him.

It is in His sovereign will that these two doctrines find resolution …

Rather than the hubris of our falsely perceived autonomous “rights”.

Simple Truth — February 27, 2017