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Simple Faith — June 18, 2017

Simple Faith

While a true encounter with God will invoke intense emotions …

Many “churches” today try to invoke intense emotions then call it a true encounter with God.

It’s not.

It’s just fleshly manipulation masquerading as “worship”.

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Simple Truth


What good are Constitutional protections against government restricting our freedom of speech, religion, association and commerce … 

If we allow companies with monopoly power to do it instead?

Simple Church — July 9, 2021
Simple Virtue — April 23, 2021

Simple Virtue

The clamorous “declare” and “proclaim” crowd seems more driven by the anxiety of their own fears and insecurities …

Than authentic faith.

Authentic faith, in contrast, quietly goes forth in the power of Godly confidence and assurance …

To actually redeem lives and the world around them.

Simple Church — March 24, 2021

Simple Church

Successful New Testament church requires that we successfully re-align our concepts of “worship” with the New Testament.

That’s because what most people call “worship”, isn’t.

At least, according to what the New Testament calls worship.

Yet we project our post-New Testament traditions and contemporary experiences back onto that word …

And make it a requirement for our gatherings, rather than taking the time to see what it really is according to the New Testament.

Yes, we are encouraged to sing praises together when we meet, but only in four passages in the New Testament.

Two of those passages say why.

It is not to “worship” as we now define that word, but to encourage one another.

That destroys the modern narrative of “worship” being some intense personal experience of God’s presence, driven by some separate “worship” band that ushers us there.

Rather, “worship” in the New Testament is a life of obedience and obeisance, 24-7. That’s it.

It is not a Sunday service. It is an ongoing lifestyle.

We singing God’s praises when we assemble together, however, to express to one another God’s presence already in us because of that lifestyle …

So as to encourage each other in that lifestyle.

New Testament church will never work until we define worship as the New Testament does, and sing together as the New Testament commands …

Rather than projecting our fleshly desires borne of religious traditions back onto God’s Word.

Simple Truth — January 9, 2021
Simple Faith — January 8, 2021

Simple Faith

It’s gotta be said: 

If you got caught up in all the “prophetic words” about Trump being re-elected from the Elijah List of for-profit non-prophets and other self-appointed, unaccountable and attention grabbing “prophetic” crazies … 

Or you got caught up in the bizarre world of Q-Anon delusions … 

You need to humbly examine yourself, return to the Sovereign God of Scripture, embrace the simple – yet comprehensive – power and authority of His Word, and commit to healthy Christian community where you can begin to find balance in your life. 

When you do, there will be no need or desire to pursue counterfeit realities or distracting, drama laden “solutions”. 

Yes, there are real issues, and yes there are those who are authentically prophetic … 

But God is not a freak show and what you gave yourselves over to was not of Him. 

True disciples, who put their trust wholly in Him and His Word and are committed to healthy Christian community, will learn to discern the difference. 

Those who don’t, won’t. 

Repent, and get about the hard work of rebuilding the foundations in your own life and in our nation … 

Before it’s too late.

Simple Virtue — October 2, 2020

Simple Virtue

These days, if you oppose the Leftist political views held by many (but certainly not all) black organizations, it is called racism – even if you oppose those views because you want the best for the black community.

Thus, according to how oppressive “progressives” have redefined the word, you are “racist” based on legitimate political differences even if you care deeply about what’s happening in the black community.

This twisting of language by the Left is insidious, and is used by the Left to stifle honest debate over their political policies that are actually doing great harm to the black community.

Don’t let the rhetoric of hate from the Left silence you:

Renounce their oppressive policies that are destroying Black lives, Black families and Black communities;

Proclaim with confidence those Godly principles – like worth, dignity and responsibility, in the context of faith, family and community – which offer true hope for all as we seek to heal our broken nation; and

Stand for virtue.

Only then will the true racists be unmasked.

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Simple Truth — September 17, 2018

Simple Truth

Some “Christians” have embraced identity politics, leading them to support candidates who promote abortion, gender confusion, marriage malaise and religious intolerance.

They’ve become reprobates, having traded the God of Scripture …

For the lies of Satan.

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Simple Discipleship — September 13, 2018

Simple Discipleship

The main difference between popular existential ideologies and Biblical Christianity comes down to perspective:

What’s the ultimate framework for truth, reality and morality?

Our sensibilities …

Or God’s sovereignty?

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Simple Faith — September 10, 2018

Simple Faith

Our worse failings are redemptive if we let God use them to get our attention and transform us.

Alternatively, we can let them destroy us.

That’s why I seldom freak out when someone stumbles – I’ve seen many times how it can be an amazingly redemptive event.

But whether for destruction or redemption, it’s always our choice.

That’s because spiritual maturity is not about perfection …

But rather how we deal with our imperfections.

Simple Church — September 9, 2018

Simple Church

Few are willing to do the hard work of actually being the church …

As an active community of believers engaged in encouraging and ministering to one another throughout their daily lives.

Most, instead, are content to surrender the “church” to those paid to do it for them …

From an elevated podium on Sunday morning.

Be exceptional!

Dare to be the church as the New Testament actually shows it …

And leave that other stuff behind.

Simple Truth — September 8, 2018
Simple Discipleship — September 7, 2018
Simple Discipleship — September 6, 2018

Simple Discipleship

Because I love Christ, I open my home and my life to those abused by people who use Christ to exploit others.

Because I love Christ, I minister to those in jail and the woods who polite society won’t dirty their lives with.

Because I love Christ, I love His body rather than the man-centered institution often called the “church” these days.

Because I love Christ, I am willing to exceed my comfort zones.

How about you?

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