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Simple Church — September 17, 2016

Simple Church

If insanity is doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results …

How can anyone defend “church” as a carefully produced weekly “service” which feeds the need for affirmation through a staged “sermon” that mimics secular “motivational” speakers …

And staged “worship” that mimics worldly entertainment?

The results have been self absorbed “Christians” who think Jesus is all about reinforcing their comfort zones and meeting their carnal needs.

Jesus, however, commands us to go and make disciples of all nations …

Not appease the masses by catering to a culture which craves emotional affirmation and intensity – then calling it “God”.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

Let us return to the Lord, and His ways, once again.

Simple Love — May 10, 2016

Simple Love

I don’t have skinny jeans, cool glasses, a man bun or manicures.

I don’t have an elevated stage with a smoke machine, hip band, brass tinged collection plates and comfy pews for the feel-good masses.

Nor do I peddle “deeper life” and other trans-Biblical messages …

Or promote books, blogs and conferences about “how to” on things I myself don’t do.

Instead, I simply go as I am as Jesus sends me …

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Simple Truth — May 9, 2016

Simple Truth

Over the years, my wife and I have ministered to literally thousands of individuals trapped in life-controlling bondage.

Addiction, sexual perversion, gender confusion, abuse, violence, despair, chronic homelessness …

We’ve been there helping others, up close and personal.

In the jail, in the woods, in the ‘hood and in other places where polite society seldom goes …

And seen God redeem many lives.

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Simple Faith — June 24, 2017
Simple Church — June 23, 2017

Simple Church

“Assembly” is probably the closest English word to “ekklesia”, which is commonly mistranslated as “church” in our English Bibles.

But even “assembly” falls short.

When the NT was written, “ekklesia” almost always – in the common usage of the day – referred to a participatory assembly of local citizens appointed as the governing authority, under Rome, in a city or region.

In Israel during Jesus’ time on Earth, the local ekklesia under Roman rule was the Sanhedrin.

Each city or provence had their own local ekklesia, which oversaw local affairs under Roman authority through local citizens selected by the emperor.

The internal function of each ekklesia, in their own locale, was democratic – with full participation and say by each member – just like a State assembly or town council today.

The idea of Christ building His ekklesia, therefore, was subversive to Roman ears, but fully in line with His further teachings on His Kingdom.

Unfortunately, “church” today has little to do – either as to form or function – with what “ekklesia” actually meant when the New Testament was written.

To really understand the Bible, we need to learn what it actually said when written, based on the meaning and context of the words used, rather than reading back into those words our conflicting post-New Testament meanings.

Simple Truth — June 22, 2017
Simple Faith — June 21, 2017

Simple Faith

Most of what we call “worship” today …

Is so contrived and manipulative as to be an affront to God.

Most are so unwilling to submit their concept of “worship” to what the New Testament actually says is worship …

That they don’t even care.

Simple Church — June 20, 2017
Simple Church — June 19, 2017

Simple Church

The phrase “simple church” means:

Smaller, intentional fellowships which relate together in their own home towns as the local Body of Christ, with throughout-the-week community.

In those fellowships, people regularly gather together in homes (and other places where life naturally happens) to motivate and encourage each other toward love and good works by ministering one to another in open, participatory meetings.

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Simple Faith — June 18, 2017

Simple Faith

A true encounter with God often invokes intense emotion.

Unfortunately, many “churches” today try to invoke intense emotion and call it a true encounter with God.

It’s not.

It’s just fleshly manipulation masquerading as “worship”.

Simple Discipleship — June 17, 2017
Simple Truth — June 16, 2017

Simple Truth

When the “Gospel” is reduced to a “decision” devoid of repentance and submission to Christ’s Lordship and Kingdom …

It, and anything that promotes it, is a lie.

Including “church”.

Simple Discipleship — June 15, 2017
Simple Truth — June 14, 2017
Simple Discipleship — June 13, 2017
Simple Virtue — June 12, 2017
Simple Truth — June 11, 2017

Simple Truth

The biggest obstacles to repressive “progressives” …

Are the incarnation and the resurrection.

Because those who understand both …

Will never bend a knee to human tyranny.

Simple Truth — June 10, 2017
Simple Church — June 9, 2017

Simple Church

When the world does a better job dealing with and responding to sexual abuse within its ranks than does the “church” …

Isn’t it time to confront the fact that what is called “church” these days really isn’t?

Simple Truth — June 8, 2017
Simple Joy — June 7, 2017
Simple Truth — June 6, 2017
Simple Faith — June 5, 2017
Simple Virtue — June 4, 2017
Simple Virtue — June 3, 2017
Simple Discipleship — June 2, 2017

Simple Discipleship

Mature disciples, along with those who are lost and know it, understand the inseparability of God’s:

Promises and warnings;

Lordship and judgment;

Mercy and wrath;

Love and truth;

Yeas and nays.

Only fools who elevate themselves above God and His written word of Scripture …


Simple Church — June 1, 2017

Simple Church


People keep using that word.

But what they mean …

Isn’t what the New Testament means.

Which means they elevate their own understanding over God’s own revelation …

And worship “worship” more than God Himself.

Simple Faith — May 31, 2017