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Simple Faith — January 4, 2022

Simple Faith

Singing and music have their place, but not as a substitute for obeisance and obedience.

When we call singing and music “worship”, however, rather than teach what worship truly is …

We end up with carnal churches and people.

So sing God’s praises to encourage one another when you gather, as the New Testament commands …

But true worship comes from lives lived in humble submission and steadfast fidelity to Him.

Simple Church — July 9, 2021
Simple Church — March 24, 2021

Simple Church

Successful New Testament church requires that we successfully re-align our concepts of “worship” with the New Testament.

That’s because what most people call “worship”, isn’t.

At least, according to what the New Testament calls worship.

Yet we project our post-New Testament traditions and contemporary experiences back onto that word …

And make it a requirement for our gatherings, rather than taking the time to see what it really is according to the New Testament.

Yes, we are encouraged to sing praises together when we meet, but only in four passages in the New Testament.

Two of those passages say why.

It is not to “worship” as we now define that word, but to encourage one another.

That destroys the modern narrative of “worship” being some intense personal experience of God’s presence, driven by some separate “worship” band that ushers us there.

Rather, “worship” in the New Testament is a life of obedience and obeisance, 24-7. That’s it.

It is not a Sunday service. It is an ongoing lifestyle.

We singing God’s praises when we assemble together, however, to express to one another God’s presence already in us because of that lifestyle …

So as to encourage each other in that lifestyle.

New Testament church will never work until we define worship as the New Testament does, and sing together as the New Testament commands …

Rather than projecting our fleshly desires borne of religious traditions back onto God’s Word.

Simple Faith — January 8, 2021

Simple Faith

It’s gotta be said: 

If you got caught up in all the “prophetic words” about Trump being re-elected from the Elijah List of for-profit non-prophets and other self-appointed, unaccountable and attention grabbing “prophetic” crazies … 

Or you got caught up in the bizarre world of Q-Anon delusions … 

You need to humbly examine yourself, return to the Sovereign God of Scripture, embrace the simple – yet comprehensive – power and authority of His Word, and commit to healthy Christian community where you can begin to find balance in your life. 

When you do, there will be no need or desire to pursue counterfeit realities or distracting, drama laden “solutions”. 

Yes, there are real issues, and yes there are those who are authentically prophetic … 

But God is not a freak show and what you gave yourselves over to was not of Him. 

True disciples, who put their trust wholly in Him and His Word and are committed to healthy Christian community, will learn to discern the difference. 

Those who don’t, won’t. 

Repent, and get about the hard work of rebuilding the foundations in your own life and in our nation … 

Before it’s too late.

Simple Church — September 14, 2018
Simple Church — September 9, 2018

Simple Church

Few are willing to do the hard work of actually being the church …

As an active community of believers engaged in encouraging and ministering to one another throughout their daily lives.

Most, instead, are content to surrender the “church” to those paid to do it for them …

From an elevated podium on Sunday morning.

Be exceptional!

Dare to be the church as the New Testament actually shows it …

And leave that other stuff behind.

Simple Discipleship — September 7, 2018
Simple Church — September 3, 2018

Simple Church

Church in the New Testament is never about gathering to experience God’s presence …

But about expressing His presence – hopefully already in you – one to another so we can encourage and strengthen each other.

Nor is it about having a “worship service” …

But about including congregational singing of God’s praises to encourage each other so we can live daily lives of reverant obedience to Him, which is true worship.

It also is never about a monologue sermon by the one …

But about all ministering to one another to motivate each other to love and good works.

So why do Christians accept anything less …

Each Sunday morning?

Simple Discipleship — August 30, 2018
Simple Church — August 26, 2018

Simple Church

Don’t be bashful:

We need to publicly ask those who publicly tell everyone how to do or be the church (whether organic, missional, traditional or whatever) …

If they themselves are part of one – in their own lives and hometowns – like they keep promoting to others.

You may be shocked at how often they aren’t.

But hey, that shouldn’t stop them from peddling their ear-tickling ideas, books, blogs and conferences to unsuspecting audiences.



Simple Church — August 23, 2018
Simple Faith — August 21, 2018
Simple Church — August 20, 2018

Simple Church

On Sunday, many go hear their pastor as part of his congregation.

In contrast, I am part of a participatory congregation that ministers – pastorally and otherwise – one to another …

Without the distraction of those solo and monologue “pastor” things others do.

Interestingly, churches in the New Testament did fine without them also.

Simple Faith — August 19, 2018

Simple Faith

There’s nothing entertaining …

About authentic worship.

Because worship, as the New Testament actually defines it, means living holy lives of humble submission and faithful obedience.

Which may explain why real worship today among many “churches” and “believers” …

Is so rare.

Simple Church — August 18, 2018
Simple Love — August 16, 2018

Simple Love

Guys in jail often ask me how to find a good church when they get out.

I tell them that if they visit a couple of times on Sunday and no one ever invites them home to share friendship and a meal together, move on …

It’s just a meeting, not a church.

Simple Virtue — August 15, 2018

Simple Virtue

When people say “worship” today …

They mean reverent music.

When the New Testament says “worship” …

It means living our lives in reverent submission and obedience to God.

There’s nothing wrong with music.

It has its place, when done as the New Testament actually says …

But not as a substitute or new definition for true worship.

That was never God’s intent.

Simple Church — August 14, 2018
Simple Church — August 13, 2018
Simple Faith — August 12, 2018

Simple Faith

“Worship” has been reduced from its Biblical meaning of living lives in obeisance (humble submission) and obedience to God …

To music that makes us feel good.

Although music can be a good thing …

Somehow, I think we lost our way.

Simple Truth — August 9, 2018
Simple Church — August 7, 2018

Simple Church

How we measure “church” success:

Ministry by one gifted man who attracts fifty others to his “service” each Sunday morning …

That’s nice.

Ministry by one gifted man who attracts hundreds to his “service” each Sunday morning …

Now you’re talkin’!

Ministry by one gifted man who attracts thousands to his “service” each Sunday morning …

Mega success!!

How the New Testament measures church success:

Believers who gather together as a community, with each using their gifts …

For ministry one to another.

Simple Discipleship — August 6, 2018

Simple Discipleship

The me-centered, contrived intensity that many call “worship” these days …

Is an affront to God’s holiness.

In the New Testament, true worship is living lives of obeisance (humble submission) and obedience to Him, as He mandates …

Rather than projecting our own carnality onto Him to feed our own soulish needs.

Let’s return to the true God of Scripture with authentic worship …

As actually defined and commanded by Him.

Because when we relate to God on His terms rather than ours …

Amazing things of eternal significance will start happening in your own life and those around you.

Simple Church — July 31, 2018

Simple Church

There are no “worship leaders” in the New Testament.

Nope, not, nada.

In fact, the very concept is utterly missing from “church” and “worship” as actually taught in the New Testament.

Why is that?

Could it be that our notions of “church” and “worship” are more about post-Biblical presumptions …

Than what God actually says in His written Word?

Simple Church — July 30, 2018

Simple Church

Functional, sustainable ekklesia is impossible …

Among those who reject the plenary authority of Scripture as God’s revealed, transcendent and propositional truth.

It’s like cats trying to herd themselves.