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Simple Faith — November 26, 2022

Simple Faith


With age and wisdom, I increasingly understand the importance of God-centered gratitude, awe and stewardship …

As antidotes to the self-consumed hopelessness, inertia and despair that grips many.

Simple Virtue — August 21, 2022
Simple Faith — August 16, 2022
Simple Discipleship — January 29, 2022

Simple Discipleship


“Worship” today …

Has become an industry that exploits, for fame and fortune, the pursuit of fleeting intensity among a broken generation.

It is the new addiction.

The sole antidote is true worship, which is a life of humble submission and faithful obedience to God’s sovereignty, on His terms.

Only there can we find real joy and authentic wholeness.

Simple Faith — January 4, 2022

Simple Faith


Singing and music are important for our gatherings, but please don’t call that “worship”.

Rather, the New Testament says that living lives of reverent submission and faithful obedience to God and His sovereignty …

Is true worship.

When we say that singing and music are “worship”, however, rather than teach what worship truly is …

We end up with carnal churches and carnal people.

So let’s joyfully sing God’s praises to encourage one another when we gather, as the New Testament commands …

While also learning to walk in true worship the rest of the week through humble submission and steadfast fidelity to Him.

Simple Faith — November 8, 2021

Simple Faith


Many know God as only a feeling …

And love the feeling more than God.

Which is unfortunate.

Although the authentic knowledge and love of God often invoke feelings …

They don’t depend on how we feel.

Simple Virtue — April 23, 2021

Simple Virtue


The clamorous “declare” and “proclaim” crowd seems more driven by the anxiety of their own fears and insecurities …

Than by authentic faith.

Authentic faith, in contrast, quietly goes forth in the power of Godly confidence and assurance …

To actually redeem lives and the world around them.

Simple Faith — January 8, 2021

Simple Faith


It’s gotta be said: 

If you got caught up in all the “prophetic words” about Trump being re-elected from the Elijah List of for-profit non-prophets and other self-appointed, unaccountable and attention grabbing “prophetic” crazies … 

Or you got caught up in the bizarre world of Q-Anon delusions … 

You need to humbly examine yourself, return to the Sovereign God of Scripture, embrace the simple – yet comprehensive – power and authority of His Word, and commit to healthy Christian community where you can begin to find balance in your life. 

When you do, there will be no need or desire to pursue counterfeit realities or distracting, drama laden “solutions”. 

Yes, there are real issues, and yes there are those who are authentically prophetic … 

But God is not a freak show and what you gave yourselves over to was not of Him. 

True disciples, who put their trust wholly in Him and His Word and are committed to healthy Christian community, will learn to discern the difference. 

Those who don’t, won’t. 

Repent, and get about the hard work of rebuilding the foundations in your own life and in our nation … 

Before it’s too late.

Simple Faith — September 19, 2018
Simple Faith — September 18, 2018
Simple Discipleship — September 16, 2018
Simple Faith — September 15, 2018
Simple Discipleship — September 13, 2018

Simple Discipleship

What’s the ultimate standard for truth, reality and morality?

Our perceptions and sensibilities …

Or God’s written revelation and sovereign will?

Herein lies the difference between popular existential ideologies that have deceived many “Christians” …

And authentic Biblical Christianity as God Himself defines it.

Simple Virtue — September 12, 2018
Simple Faith — September 10, 2018

Simple Faith

Our worse failings are redemptive if we let God use them to get our attention and bring us to repentance.

Alternatively, we can let them destroy us.

That’s why I seldom freak out when someone stumbles – many times I’ve seen it become a turning point for amazing redemptive transformation.

But whether for destruction or redemption, it’s always our choice.

That’s because spiritual health and maturity are not about perfection …

But rather how we deal with our imperfections.

Simple Church — September 9, 2018

Simple Church

Few are willing to do the hard work of actually being the church.

You know, an active community of believers who encourage and minister to each other …

Both when they gather together and throughout their daily lives.

Most, instead, are content to pay others to do “church” for them …

From an elevated podium and stage each Sunday morning.

Be exceptional!

Dare to be the church as the New Testament actually shows it …

And leave that other stuff behind.

Simple Discipleship — September 5, 2018
Simple Love — September 1, 2018
Simple Faith — August 27, 2018

Simple Faith

I’ve seen more carnal rubbish under claims of being “in the Spirit” than I care to remember.

In contrast, I’ve found that those who live lives of simple humility and faithful obedience …

More often are the real deal.

Simple Truth — August 24, 2018
Simple Faith — August 22, 2018

Simple Faith

If we’re not about redemption, then what hope does anyone have?

This is my passion.

This is my cause.

But it ain’t neat and it ain’t tidy.

It’s raw and sometimes ugly.

Because if Jesus doesn’t work for the worse of us …

Then He works for none of us.

Simple Faith — August 21, 2018
Simple Faith — August 19, 2018

Simple Faith

There’s nothing entertaining …

About authentic worship.

Because worship, as the New Testament actually defines it, means living holy lives of humble submission and faithful obedience.

Which may explain why real worship today among many “churches” and “believers” …

Is so rare.

Simple Truth — August 17, 2018
Simple Faith — August 12, 2018

Simple Faith

“Worship” has been reduced from its Biblical meaning of living lives in obeisance (humble submission) and obedience to God …

To music that makes us feel good.

Although music can be a good thing …

Somehow, I think we lost our way.