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Simple Faith — April 27, 2017
Simple Faith — April 22, 2017
Simple Truth — April 17, 2017

Simple Truth

The great lie of our times is that we should follow our heart …

Which leads to carnal Christians.

God never said what we feel is the standard for what is true, real and right.

In fact, God says the heart is deceitful, foolish and exceedingly wicked …

But His Word endures forever.

Which is why God seeks to redeem our hearts …

But never elevates them above Scripture as our standard for life, doctrine and maturity.

Simple Faith — April 16, 2017
Simple Faith — April 9, 2017

Simple Faith

The greatest struggle for many is letting go of our hurts. 

More than sin, we let our hurts define us …

By holding onto the familiarity of our pain rather than chancing the unfamiliarity of a truly new life in Christ. 

Even among Christians, few risk the ongoing redemption of confession, forgiveness and repentance to become whole and complete in Him.

Really, it’s not that difficult …

Simple Truth — April 8, 2017
Simple Faith — April 6, 2017

Simple Faith

Often, longstanding hurts, disappointments and emotional wounds are like old, familiar friends. 

We let them become so engrained into our sense of identity that they begin to define us. 

When that happens, we often aren’t willing to transparently expose and turn them them over to Jesus …

But tightly hold onto them like a child clinging to a security blanket. 

Instead of finding liberation and wholeness through Christ, we become our past.

Simple Faith — March 30, 2017
Simple Faith — March 25, 2017
Simple Truth — March 20, 2017
Simple Discipleship — March 17, 2017
Simple Truth — March 16, 2017

Simple Truth

Too often, we say it’s all about Jesus, when in reality we create Jesus in our own image – shaped by hurts from wrongs and disappointments we’ve suffered …

And use that false Christ to justify our safely-ensconced retreat into self-constructed cocoons.

Such a false Jesus then becomes our bondage …

Rather than the authentic, liberating Lord of all.

Simple Discipleship — March 13, 2017
Simple Truth — March 10, 2017
Simple Discipleship — March 1, 2017

Simple Discipleship

Be wary of those who peddle the latest theological fads.

Often they prey on spiritually wounded people by offering the affirmation of “deeper” life or knowledge …

Rather than the health and assurance that comes from the simple faith of Scripture.

Here are two tests that typically weed out these merchants of deception:

1. Are they part of an actual, functional local fellowship in their own home town where they are transparent and accountable to a community of fellow believers, among whom their ideas have demonstrated consistently good fruit over time?

2. Do they openly affirm and submit to God’s plenary authority of Scripture as His authentic written Word in all matters of faith, life and doctrine?

If not, you likely are dealing with a wolf …

Rather than one who’s​ legitimately come in the name of the Lord.

Simple Truth — February 28, 2017

Simple Truth

By God’s sovereign grace alone, He grants us the ability to choose Him.

By His sovereign delegation alone, He also grants us the ability to reject Him.

In His sovereign will alone, these two doctrines find resolution …

Rather than the hubris of some falsely perceived autonomous “rights” against God Himself.

Simple Faith — February 26, 2017
Simple Discipleship — February 25, 2017

Simple Discipleship

Is it any surprise that those who deny God’s plenary authority of Scripture as His authentic written Word …

Never seem able to demonstrate the power of His authority to a waiting World?

Simple Truth — February 24, 2017

Simple Truth

“Christian” narcissists reject the justice of God’s wrath …

While claiming the mercy of His grace.

Which also makes them delusional …

With their very own imaginary pick-and-choose Jesus.

The authentic God of Scripture, however, condemns the idolatry of those who seek to remake Him in their own image.

Is it any wonder, then, that those who do so are persistently plagued – often despite a public persona to the contrary – with private insecurities, angst and doubt …

While concurrently unable to form, sustain or be part of a viable, functional local church?

But that never seems to stop them from spreading their false gospel, rooted in existential idolatry, with an outer confidence …

Which belies their true inner turmoil and history of church failures.

Be discerning …

Not deceived.

Simple Faith — February 21, 2017
Simple Faith — February 16, 2017

Simple Faith

Why is it that those peddling “radical Christianity”, “deeper life”, “eternal purpose”, a “red letter” pick-and-choose Jesus and other such stuff …

Seem more driven by their own insecurities and failings than by the simple, authentic faith of Scripture?

Maybe it’s because they typically dismiss God’s plenary authority of Scripture as His authentic written Word …

Thus leaving them stuck with themselves and a Christ of their own perceptions.

Simple Virtue — February 9, 2017

Simple Virtue

I have the privilege of ministering to the unpretentious …

Which is why I routinely offend the pretentious.

I have no patience for those who claim to love Christ, while proclaiming existential ideologies that pretentiously elevate their self-consumed sensibilities …

Over God’s authoritative self-revelation and the rest of Scripture.

Funny thing is, I think God also has about reached His limits with them. 

Oops … 

I think I just offended them again. 


Simple Virtue — February 8, 2017

Simple Virtue

Eating junk food …

Makes no more sense than consuming junk culture.

One corrupts our bodies …

The other our eternal souls.

Yet the answer is not retreat, fear and isolation.

Let’s learn to be immanent in a world God yet loves …

While transcending its perils with what is eternally true, good and beautiful.

Simple Discipleship — February 7, 2017

Simple Discipleship

All Scripture points to Christ.

But that doesn’t mean our resulting experience and perception of Him take us “beyond” (as some now claim):

The authority of His written Word; 

The accountability of His Body; or 

The precepts of His Kingdom.

Simple Discipleship — February 6, 2017

Simple Discipleship

I don’t want just a “relationship” with Christ, but all of Christ …

Including all He’s authoritatively revealed in Scripture so we can:

Know who He truly is;

Function as His church;

Do as He commands;

Be full citizens of His Kingdom;

Redeem a world He loves; and

So much more.