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Simple Faith — July 20, 2018

Simple Faith

What is existentialism, and why does it matter?

Existentialist is a worldly philosophy which believes that each individual can define – on their own terms – what is true, right and real based on their own perceptions and personal sensibilities.

Many “Christians” do this, whether consciously or not.

They often claim to have a “high view” of Scripture, but then discount anything in it which contradicts their own perceptions and sensibilities.

Whether they call themselves “Emergent”, “Progressive”, “Red Letter Christians”, “Beyond Evangelical”, “Neo-orthodox” or whatever …

They set themselves over God’s plenary authority of Scripture by defining truth, reality and morality on their own terms when it suits their own purposes.

Inevitably, this leads them to project their own perceptions and sensibilities onto Jesus Himself …

To then create their own “Christ” after their own likeness and image.

In essence, they end up worshipping themselves by deceiving themselves through their false Christ …

Who is nothing more than a projection of themselves.

Like any idol, this “Jesus” of their own creation then justifies their religion of self …

Both to themselves (whether knowingly or not) and to those they seek to deceive (again, whether knowingly or not).

Unfortunately, our “churches” today are filled with such people …

Because many “churches” find it’s easier to cater to such narcissism than call for true repentance.

Existential deception is a defining issue of our times because the real Jesus didn’t choose to leave everything up to our personal foibles and follies …

But chose to authoritatively define Himself – and what is ultimately true, real and right – through Scripture as His written Word.

Anything less is a lie.

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Simple Truth

Reformed Theology says it’s impossible to reject God’s grace when offered …

Based on the philosophic concept that doing so would involve human autonomy against God’s sovereignty.

The flaw is that Reformed Theology does not see that there is a third option, which runs throughout Scripture.

The choice isn’t Calvinism = a Sovereign God …

While Arminianism = Human autonomy.

Rather, Biblical doctrine shows a God who is so sovereign …

He can offer grace to those who have no choice in and of themselves, while also granting them the choice to reject that grace.

Denying God’s sovereign right to delegate that choice is, at it’s core, a denial of His sovereignty.

Simple Faith — July 12, 2018

Simple Faith

We are bound by the limits of our fallen nature, which makes us “dead in our trespasses and sin”.

We are not sick, but dead.

Free will, therefore, is a myth apart from God’s grace giving us the option to choose life.

A dead man has no choice otherwise.

There is no human autonomy to choose anything apart from what God has chosen to delegate and enable.

He allowed Adam to choose sin. He now, through the Cross, enables us to choose life.

That’s what makes grace so amazing.

Simple Truth — July 11, 2018

Simple Truth

The irony of hard core “Calvinism” is that it diminishes God’s sovereignty …

By claiming He can’t delegate to others the option to reject Him.

Can a God who is so limited truly be considered to have absolute sovereignty?

This is the inherent contradiction in their systematic reformed theology.

They have great insight on many things, but can not reconcile their philosophic concept of God’s “sovereignty” …

With His right to delegate, as He chooses, the option to reject His sovereignty.

They are thus trapped in a fundamental internal contradiction …

Of defining God as so sovereign, He can’t actually be sovereign.

Simple Church — July 10, 2018

Simple Church

There are four verses in the New Testament which admonish Christians to sing together when we gather …

And the ONLY reason given is to encourage one another.

The idea of worship in the church as a way to experience, encounter or invoke God’s presence is not found in the New Testament.

Rather, it is from the Old Testament idea of the temple, where you went to encounter God.

In contrast, under the New Covenant, we have become God’s temple because He now dwells in us.

Thus, we sing to express God’s presence already in us, not to bring His presence to us.

And we are to do it congregationally for the purpose of encouraging one another …

Not as a staged performance to manipulate intense reactions which we then call “God”.

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Simple Truth

God’s raw, unmitigated written Word bears stark witness against those promoting existentialism, relativism, “progressive” liberalism …

Or any other competing post-modern “ism” of our day.

Which is why they all hate both the totality of Scripture …

And the God of Scripture.

Simple Church — July 5, 2018

Simple Church

Did you know that the English word “church” does not come from the New Testament …

But derives from an old German word “Circe”, denoting gatherings of those engaged in occult practices related to pagan gods …

From which our word “circus” also comes …

Which may explain why “church” today looks nothing like the New Testament concept of “ekklesia” – which is mistranslated “church”.

Maybe it’s time to take a second look at Scripture through the lens of the actual words actually used …

And what they actually meant when selected by the Holy Spirit to become the New Testament …

Rather than using our contrary, post-New Testament words and meanings.

Simple Truth — July 4, 2018

Simple Truth

“Christian” nihilists who promote cultural shame and national distain in the name of Christ …

Know not Christ.

True disciples can speak truth to power …

While still giving honor where honor is due.

Simple Faith — July 3, 2018

Simple Faith

In the Trinity, God is perfectly one and complete in and of Himself.

But unlike Islam or other “Oneness” heresies, His complete internal unity also includes internal diversity.

Because of His intrinsic diversity, He can internally relate, love and speak …

And thus do so externally as well.

Which explains the main difference between the true God of the Bible …

And the detached, uncaring and mute “God” of Islam.

Simple Truth — June 30, 2018

Simple Truth

There’s the hard Gospel of Godly repentance and Kingdom surrender.

Then there’s the easy “Gospel” of individual decision and optional lifestyle …

Especially among “churches” that preach cheap grace and easy believism.

Where are the men of God these days, who preach hard truth under the conviction of the Holy Spirit?

May God deliver us from the easy “Gospel” of false hope and deceptive charm …

As we proclaim true salvation and redemption once again.

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Simple Truth

When the “Gospel” is reduced to a “decision” devoid of repentance and submission to Christ’s Lordship and Kingdom …

It, and anything that promotes it, is a lie.

Including “church”.

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Simple Truth

The biggest obstacles to repressive “progressives” …

Are the incarnation and the resurrection.

Because those who understand both …

Will never bend a knee to human tyranny.