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Simple Discipleship — March 14, 2023

Simple Discipleship


Many “Christians” define God and judge Scripture by their notions of love …

Rather than submitting their notions of love to God and His Word.

They are pseudo Christians …

Who worship themselves rather than the sovereign God of all.

Simple Love — August 17, 2022

Simple Love


Some judge all Scripture based on their notions of love.

True disciples, however, judge all notions of love based on Scripture.

Otherwise, our notions of love become limited to our own subjective, internal sentimentalities …

Rather than God’s comprehensive, objective revelation.

Simple Virtue — April 18, 2022

Simple Virtue


I will continue to speak, work and stand for real solutions to real problems …

Rather than take the easy out of conspiracy paranoia.

The Sovereign God of Heaven and Earth …

Expects no less.

Simple Truth — April 2, 2022

Simple Truth


The fight these days is not between conservative verses liberal or Republican verses Democrat, but between:

Truth verses deception;

Reality verses destruction; and

Virtue verses depravity.

Fortunately, when it comes to what’s true, real and right …

Biblical Christians have the home court advantage.

So don’t give in or grow weary of standing firm for what is eternal and good …

Even if the heathen rage in response.

They’re only protesting their own failures and frustrations …

Born of their own irrational incoherence.

Simple Discipleship — January 29, 2022

Simple Discipleship


“Worship” today …

Has become an industry that exploits, for fame and fortune, the pursuit of fleeting intensity among a broken generation.

It is the new addiction.

The sole antidote is true worship, which is a life of humble submission and faithful obedience to God’s sovereignty, on His terms.

Only there can we find real joy and authentic wholeness.

Simple Truth — December 18, 2021

Simple Truth


The prevailing characteristics of postmodern existentialism are relativism and narcissism, rooted in individual autonomy.

Is it any wonder, then, that we see an emphasis on new “doctrines” which:

Define Christ and our relationship to Him by our own subjective perceptions;

Redefine grace to destroy all concepts of objective standards; and

Dismiss the plenary authority of Scripture?

Yet God is raising up a people who want to truly know Him on His terms …

And to worship Him once again in spirit and in truth.

Simple Faith — November 8, 2021

Simple Faith


Many know God as only a feeling …

And love the feeling more than God.

Which is unfortunate.

Although the authentic knowledge and love of God often invoke feelings …

They don’t depend on how we feel.

Simple Virtue — July 18, 2021
Simple Truth — July 11, 2021

Simple Truth


What good are Constitutional protections against governments restricting our:

Freedom of speech;

Freedom of self protection;

Freedom of religion;

Freedom of association; and

Freedom of commerce … 

If we allow companies with monopoly powers to restrict our rights instead?

Simple Church — July 9, 2021

Simple Church


“Worship” these days is more pagan than Christian.

It is no longer about reverent obedience to a Sovereign God, but about the pagan practice of stirring up intense feelings which in turn conjure up some man-made god or deity.

It does this by creating the expectation that the more we surrender to the intense, manipulated emotions generated by some band, song, or charismatic “worship leader”, the more God will be present.

It has become the new idolatry, by equating manipulated feelings with God Himself.

It is an addictive distraction from who God is, and how He wants to dwell among us and in us as the Sovereign Lord over all creation.

It also is a doctrine borne of carnal men, and is nowhere found in the New Testament.

It has become big business, with mega churches and mega recording deals …

While supplanting the simple New Testament commands to congregationally sing God’s praises together for the sole purpose of simply encouraging one another.

Unfortunately, though, it will continue to thrive …

Because just like the pagans, people still want a God who appeals to their carnality and is easy to control.

Simple Truth — July 7, 2021

Simple Truth


I know this may mess up some of y’all …

But that Jesus you see in the New Testament is also God in the Old Testament.

Every last bit of it …

Including the parts you don’t like.

And He’s the same Jesus today and forevermore.

Any other Jesus, reflecting your own sensibilities through selective pick-and-choose Bible verses …

Is just an idol created in your own image.

Simple Truth — January 9, 2021
Simple Faith — January 8, 2021

Simple Faith


It’s gotta be said: 

If you got caught up in all the “prophetic words” about Trump being re-elected from the Elijah List of for-profit non-prophets and other self-appointed, unaccountable and attention grabbing “prophetic” crazies … 

Or you got caught up in the bizarre world of Q-Anon delusions … 

You need to humbly examine yourself, return to the Sovereign God of Scripture, embrace the simple – yet comprehensive – power and authority of His Word, and commit to healthy Christian community where you can begin to find balance in your life. 

When you do, there will be no need or desire to pursue counterfeit realities or distracting, drama laden “solutions”. 

Yes, there are real issues, and yes there are those who are authentically prophetic … 

But God is not a freak show and what you gave yourselves over to was not of Him. 

True disciples, who put their trust wholly in Him and His Word and are committed to healthy Christian community, will learn to discern the difference. 

Those who don’t, won’t. 

Repent, and get about the hard work of rebuilding the foundations in your own life and in our nation … 

Before it’s too late.

Simple Virtue — October 2, 2020

Simple Virtue


These days, if you oppose the Leftist political views held by many (but certainly not all) black organizations, it is called racism – even if you oppose those views because you want the best for the black community.

Thus, according to how oppressive “progressives” have redefined the word, you are “racist” based on legitimate political differences even if you care deeply about what’s happening in the black community.

This twisting of language by the Left is insidious, and is used by the Left to stifle honest debate over their political policies that are actually doing great harm to the black community.

Don’t let the rhetoric of hate from the Left silence you:

Renounce their oppressive policies that are destroying Black lives, Black families and Black communities;

Proclaim with confidence those Godly principles – like worth, dignity and responsibility, in the context of faith, family and community – which offer true hope for all as we seek to heal our broken nation; and

Stand for virtue.

Only then will the true racists be unmasked.

Simple Truth — September 20, 2018
Simple Faith — September 18, 2018
Simple Truth — September 17, 2018

Simple Truth


Some “Christians” have embraced identity politics, leading them to support candidates who promote:

Abortion, gender confusion, marriage malaise, religious intolerance, and the like.

They’ve become reprobate, having traded the God of Scripture …

For the lies of Satan.

Simple Discipleship — September 13, 2018

Simple Discipleship

What’s the ultimate standard for truth, reality and morality?

Our perceptions and sensibilities …

Or God’s written revelation and sovereign will?

Herein lies the difference between popular existential ideologies that have deceived many “Christians” …

And authentic Biblical Christianity as God Himself defines it.

Simple Virtue — September 12, 2018
Simple Truth — September 11, 2018
Simple Truth — September 8, 2018
Simple Truth — September 4, 2018
Simple Truth — August 31, 2018
Simple Truth — August 29, 2018
Simple Truth — August 28, 2018

Simple Truth

Misplaced Loyalties:

Getting more upset about abuse, lies and cover-up being exposed in your beloved “church” and its leaders …

Than about the impact of that abuse on the victims.

God will not hold you blameless.