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Simple Church

When the world does a better job dealing with and responding to sexual abuse within its ranks than does the “church” …

Isn’t it time to confront the fact that what is called “church” these days really isn’t?

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Simple Church


People keep using that word.

But what they mean …

Isn’t what the New Testament means.

Which means they elevate their own understanding over God’s own revelation …

And worship “worship” more than God Himself.

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Simple Virtue

Seldom will evil fess up to its own culpability …

Which is why it is unrealistic to expect closure from an evildoer on an injustice they caused.

Instead, find closure by fully expressing to the Lord the hurts and wrongs your heart still carries …

Then forgive and release your need for justice to Him.

Not to excuse the evil or those who did it …

But to acknowledge the wrong, find freedom and move on.

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Simple Truth — May 10, 2017

Simple Truth

Any utopian ideology, agenda or movement always starts with lofty ideals that ignore human nature and God’s sovereignty.

As its zealots inevitability fail to create their perfect society and transform human nature, however, frustration sets in and they begin to rationalize coercive means to achieve their goals …

Which is why they always end up, if left unchecked, creating tyranny instead. 

Simple Truth — May 9, 2017

Simple Truth

Christianity in Western cultures has lost sight of God’s fierceness …

Wanting instead only His comfort and affirmation.

By defining God’s attributes by our own standards, however …

We’ve lost the ability to be effective salt and light to not just to individuals but to whole societies and nations.

Simple Truth — May 3, 2017