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Simple Joy — February 4, 2016
Simple Faith — January 10, 2016

Simple Faith

Fully confess, squarely ask God to forgive you, then humbly give to Him the guilt, condemnation and regrets your heart’s been carrying.

Do this …

And there’s no room to “forgive yourself”.

It is settled.

Simple Joy — January 9, 2016

Simple Joy

Victim or victor?

The past happened. We can’t change that.

We can, however, change it’s power over us by fully acknowledging and giving the ashes of our past – the burdens and regrets – to Christ.

He then gives us beauty and wholeness in return …

But it’s always our choice.

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Simple Discipleship — October 29, 2015
Simple Joy — October 27, 2015

Simple Joy

“Religion” has become a pejorative term by existential “believers” who want to dismiss Biblical imperatives they don’t like.

Apparently the idea of any duty owed to God offends their post-modern sensibilities.

Without the Godly freedom that comes from obedience, they remain trapped in self doubt and angst.

Maybe they need to repent and enjoy a little more true religion!

Simple Joy — October 10, 2015