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Simple Virtue — June 12, 2017
Simple Faith — June 5, 2017
Simple Virtue — June 4, 2017
Simple Virtue — June 3, 2017
Simple Virtue — May 23, 2017
Simple Virtue — May 20, 2017

Simple Virtue

Seldom will evil fess up to its own culpability …

Which is why it is unrealistic to expect closure from an evildoer on an injustice they caused.

Instead, find closure by fully expressing to the Lord the hurts and wrongs your heart still carries …

Then forgive and release your need for justice to Him.

Not to excuse the evil or those who did it …

But to acknowledge the wrong, find freedom and move on.

Simple Faith — May 5, 2017
Simple Truth — May 3, 2017
Simple Virtue — May 2, 2017

Simple Virtue


Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

“Christian” Existentialists: 

We are neither left nor right, and don’t want to offend, because Christ is All (about our sensibilities).

Simple Truth — April 21, 2017

Simple Truth

I am aware of NO instance where the Bible condones covering up the improprieties of those who claim to be leaders. 

In fact, the Biblical approach – Old and New Testament – is quite the opposite. 

Furthermore, truly repentant leaders will not try to hide their leadership sins, but openly confess and publicly repent. 

Absent that, they remain a danger to all …

Which is why 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 specifically commands that church leaders who abuse their position must be investigated and publicly exposed as a warning to all.

Simple Truth — April 3, 2017

Simple Truth

Healthy civilizations and societies are a Christian value …

Built and maintained by those who care enough to heed Christ’s Lordship in all spheres of life and human endeavor.

Simple Truth — March 29, 2017

Simple Truth

It’s amazing how much huff, puff and indignation arise when you simply ask those pushing their books, blogs and conferences on how to “be the church” or otherwise function as a church …

If they actually are part of one in their own lives and home towns like they keep peddling to others.

Hypocrisy is not a Biblical virtue …

Nor should it be tolerated in those who presume to be teachers among us.

Simple Truth — March 28, 2017
Simple Truth — March 24, 2017

Simple Truth

In the New Testament, government is not charged with making us righteous …

But with protecting us from the unrighteous.

This presumes, however, that government must adopt standards of righteousness …

While being restrained in how it applies them.

Simple Discipleship — March 4, 2017
Simple Virtue — March 3, 2017

Simple Virtue

Jesus wants His disciples to be personal peacemakers who turn their own cheeks against minor individual offences …

While He also gives civil magistrates the power of the sword to protect others from true evil.

Those who see this as a contradiction …

Lack an authentically Biblical worldview.

Simple Faith — February 26, 2017
Simple Virtue — February 17, 2017

Simple Virtue

“Forgiveness” that minimizes sin …

Diminishes the forgiver and exalts the offense.

To fully forgive, we must first fully acknowledge the wrong and the harm …

Just like Jesus did.

There is no freedom in anything less.

Simple Virtue — February 15, 2017

Simple Virtue

My prayer for the next generation:

That you reject the tyranny of “tolerance” without sound morals …

That you affirm true liberty, which is the freedom to pursue and practice virtue …

And that you embrace the confidence of authentic love, which never forgets that only God’s “truth will set you free”.

Simple Virtue — February 9, 2017

Simple Virtue

I have the privilege of ministering to the unpretentious …

Which is why I routinely offend the pretentious.

I have no patience for those who claim to love Christ, while proclaiming existential ideologies that pretentiously elevate their self-consumed sensibilities …

Over God’s authoritative self-revelation and the rest of Scripture.

Funny thing is, I think God also has about reached His limits with them. 

Oops … 

I think I just offended them again. 


Simple Virtue — February 8, 2017

Simple Virtue

Eating junk food …

Makes no more sense than consuming junk culture.

One corrupts our bodies …

The other our eternal souls.

Yet the answer is not retreat, fear and isolation.

Let’s learn to be immanent in a world God yet loves …

While transcending its perils with what is eternally true, good and beautiful.

Simple Discipleship — February 1, 2017

Simple Discipleship

When we’re not willing to transparently confess, before God and each other, a struggle we’re having …

We are avoiding its reality in our lives. 

What we avoid, however, we can’t give to the Lord …

To receive His freedom in return.

Simple Virtue — January 28, 2017

Simple Virtue

​Contrast the vulgarity of the recent so-called “Woman’s March” …

With the dignity of yesterday’s March for Life.

One degraded women and the entire human race …

The other elevated women and everyone else.

I choose life because I choose dignity …

For all.

Simple Virtue — January 26, 2017

Simple Virtue

When leftist elites redefine “love” as vulgarity and virtue as “hate” …

What we saw at the so-called “Women’s March” in Washington last week is the result.

Don’t get upset at the March’s resulting, open display of depravity by regressive “progressives” …

But rejoice that their utter contempt for decency and virtue – which they previously hid in the shadows while working to undermine our culture – is now on full display for all to see.

The more they expose their true ideology of oppression against all that is right and decent …

The more men and women of good faith will be stirred to action against their underlying obscenities.

Make no mistake:

True “rights” are based on virtue …

And lift everyone.

Anything less is a lie.

Rejoice that their lies increasingly are becoming evident for all the world to see …

While resolving to stand firm once again for true rights based on doing right …

For all.

Simple Virtue — January 17, 2017

Simple Virtue

Any government which can afford to subsidize the consequences of our irresponsible choices …

Can’t afford to let us keep the rewards of our responsible choices.