Plumbline Faith

Simple Faith, Simple Virtue, Simple Church:
Short Meditations from a Lifetime of Service to the King of Kings

This site is a labor of love as I seek to encourage and challenge God’s people with simple insights from fifty years of service to the Lord, His church and a waiting world.

I hope to cut through the growing clutter of authors, bloggers and “leaders” who use Christ to promote themselves, some vested interest, some big new “vision” or some new-found “truth”. Often, they are peddling associated books, conferences or ministries which tell everyone “how to” on things they themselves “don’t do” – or ever first bothered to made work in their own lives.

Rarely, when you examine their own life and local church (if they even have one), will you find anything that looks like the grand ideas and “glory stories” they’re selling.

It’s time to once again affirm a plumbline faith of simplicity and authenticity, rather than self-indulgent pendulums of fickled fads.

The Kingdom of God and a waiting world demand no less.

I have nothing to sell and no influence to peddle. However, if you nonetheless insist on learning more about me, here’s a brief bio.

~ Jim Wright

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