“Worship” these days is more pagan than Christian.

It is no longer about reverent obedience to a Sovereign God, but about the pagan practice of stirring up intense feelings which in turn conjure up some man-made god or deity.

It does this by creating the expectation that the more we surrender to the intense, manipulated emotions generated by some band, song, or charismatic “worship leader”, the more God will be present.

It has become the new idolatry, by equating manipulated feelings with God Himself.

It is an addictive distraction from who God is, and how He wants to dwell among us and in us as the Sovereign Lord over all creation.

It also is a doctrine borne of carnal men, and is nowhere found in the New Testament.

It has become big business, with mega churches and mega recording deals …

While supplanting the simple New Testament commands to congregationally sing God’s praises together for the sole purpose of simply encouraging one another.

Unfortunately, though, it will continue to thrive …

Because just like the pagans, people still want a God who appeals to their carnality and is easy to control.