Successful New Testament church and discipleship requires that we re-align our concept of “worship”.

That’s because what most people call “worship” …


At least, not according to the New Testament.

“Worship” in the New Testament means a life of reverent obedience.

That’s it, pure and simple.

It’s not a Sunday service …

It’s not a song …

It’s an ongoing lifestyle, 24/7.

Yes, we’re encouraged to congregationally sing praises together when we meet, but only in four passages in the New Testament.

Two of those passages say why:

It’s to encourage one another.

That’s it. Nothing more.

That destroys the modern narrative of “worship” as pursuing intense experiences, often invoked through manipulative “worship” bands …

Which supposedly conjure up God’s presence.

Where do you even find that in the New Testament?

You don’t.

In fact, that’s more pagan than Biblical.

Although a genuine encounter with God certainly generates emotional intensity …

These days, we pursue emotional intensity and call it God.

Instead, let’s congregationally express God’s presence already in us …

Through songs that encourage one another towards true worship by living lives of reverent obedience.

Otherwise, we’ll remain trapped in pagan carnality …

Rather than find authentic church, authentic worship and authentic discipleship as defined in the New Testament.