There are only four passages in the entire New Testament which mention singing God’s praises together when we gather as the church.

And in those verses, there is just one reason given for that congregational singing:

To encourage one another.

That’s it.

Nothing else.

In fact, the New Testament never refers to congregational singing as what we now call “worship”.

The popular idea these days that “worship” is singing, or that we do it to invoke, experience or encounter God’s presence among us …

Just isn’t found in the New Testament.

Rather, that’s the Old Testament idea of the temple, where people went to encounter God.

In contrast, under the New Covenant, we have become God’s temple because He now dwells in us and among us.

Thus, we sing together to express God’s presence already in us, not to bring His presence to us …

And when we do it congregationally, it’s for the purpose of encouraging one another.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So let’s stop distorting Scripture by putting on staged performances designed to manipulate intense reactions which we think signify “God’s presence” …

And calling that “worship”.

It’s not. It’s just carnality masquerading as spirituality.

Instead, let’s return to what the New Testament actually says:

By congregationally singing God’s praises with voices joyfully joined together …

For the simple purpose of encouraging one another as an expression of His presence already in us.