Existentialism is a philosophy which claims that our own perceptions are the ultimate criteria for detetmining what is true, real and right.

As such, it rejects external, transcendent standards of truth, reality and morality in lieu of individual subjectivity.

Thus, for example, so-called existential “Christians” dismiss God’s plenary authority of Scripture as His authentic, external written Word.

For them, how they feel or react when reading Scripture is higher revelation – and ultimately more authoritative – than Scripture itself.

But they are crafty folk.

They call their subjective perceptions a revelation of “Christ”, or otherwise try to recreate Him in their own image, then proclaim that “Christ is All” …

When in reality their “Christ” is simply all about them.

For them, when you cut through the rhetoric, Christ and His written Word are at odds and stand divided.

As such, their muddled philosophy dares to judge God and filter Scripture through their own individualistic sensibilities …

And leaves them stuck with themselves.

They are, in a word, fools …

Peddling deception to other fools who pay them heed.