Under the New Covenant, worship is not about “entering into God’s presence” …

Or a church “service” where someone leads us there.

In fact, there are no such concepts regarding church or worship anywhere in the New Testament.

Nope, not, nada, just ain’t there.

Rather, the New Testament defines true worship as living holy lives of obedience and obeisance to God, 24/7.

Moreover, under the New Covenant we are to be His temple, with His presence now in us …

Each and every one.

This is why the New Testament simply says that when we gather together, we should sing God’s praises to encourage one another.

That’s it. The New Testament gives no other reason to sing together when we gather together as His church.

It says nothing about gathering to “enter into”, “invoke”, “seek” or be “ushered into” God’s presence.

Until we fully grapple with this distinction, we will never understand why being the church as the New Testament actually shows it …

Looks so much different than church as we’ve otherwise come to know it.