​It’s time to reject the partial use of Scripture to construct one over-arching “Story” or “Narrative” …

To transcend or supersede all the rest of Scripture as God’s authoritative written Word.

In fact, there are many themes – and a rich tapestry of truths and narratives – immanent in Scripture.

Don’t be so easily deceived by these latest waves of ear-tickling “existential” doctrines:

Whether from relatively obscure, minor authors like Frank Viola peddling his shifting “eternal purpose”, “theography” or more recent “deeper life” wares;

His buddy Jon Zens’ underlying reconstructed “gospel”; or

Fellow existentialist Keith Giles with his post-modern, pick-and-choose “red letter” Jesus.

More popular authors like Rob Bell and the late Rachel Evans also tried the same with their self-referential, existential “love” …

As have major “theologians” like Karl Barth with his distorted, wholly subjective idea of “logos”.

Like all who tried before them, their trans-Biblical “narratives” inevitably end up crashing upon all of Scripture as God’s lasting, comprehensive and authoritative written Word …

While they and the fadish limelight they seek today is gone tomorrow.

Unfortunately, though, the wreckage they bring in other lives and churches survive long after.

God is not amused with their big lies wrapped in half truths.