​I think I need to be sent to millennial sensitivity school.

While having a time of fellowship with two friends over lunch at a local fast food joint, minding our own business at our own table, a thirty-something millennial dude walked up to us and told us we couldn’t talk because it was “hurting his feelings”.

At the time we were having a quiet, private conversation among ourselves about the elections and the Second Amendment.

At first we were incredulous and thought it was a joke. But he kept on, insisting we had no right (he actually said that) to discuss the elections or the Second Amendment in a public place because that was hurting his feelings. He literally was about to cry, while being verbally aggressive at the same time. 

It was like a toddler having a tizzy fit, with self centered crying and aggressive acting out at the same time.

I explained he need to leave us alone, we were having a private conversation (we, in fact, had not said anything outside normal Second Amendment political stuff and certainly didn’t intend for anyone else to listen in).

He wouldn’t stop, however, so I finally said he needed to be quite and go find a place to cry by himself if he was that upset.

He still wouldn’t stop, and kept getting more animated and aggressive.

I finally looked at him sternly and told him in a firm voice to back away or else I would be exercising my Second Amendment rights. He looked shocked – not knowing if I was concealed carrying – but made a departing snide comment while beating a hasty retreat from the restaurant.

Folks, this was so bizarre we could only laugh after he fled. But it illustrates how the left has distorted a generation into believing that the highest right is the right to not have anyone offend their infantile sensibilities.

I was glad to have been discretely carrying (not that anyone could have known) and that l had the means to protect the three of us if he continued to escalate and actually moved in on us.

Years ago someone may have confronted another because they disagreed. Now, it’s because we can’t have private conversations that may hurt their feelings.


I guess I just don’t get it because I’m too insensitive when it comes to men who still need their pacifiers.

Me bad.