​Disgusted with the choice of Trump verses Clinton?

The answer is not to wash our hands of “politics” by retreating into a theology of Gnostic dualism – which isolates our spiritual life from the “real” world and all its shortcomings. Jesus never taught that, but proclaimed full authority over both heaven and earth – while sending us out into all the world. 

God’s people need to be careful about wide swings between hope and disillusionment. Wisdom seeks to find, instead, the Biblical precepts which stand firm and will remain true even after the present unpleasantries fade into the past. 

Let’s be engaged in a world Christ yet loves, but with a renewed discernment that’s been lacking in God’s people. 

The problem is not so much Clinton or Trump as much as our lack of engagement and discernment – in disregard of God’s call to be His salt and light in all spheres of life.

This election, more than most, we are paying the price for our own failures.

Let’s learn the right lessons, vote for whom our conscience allows (while understanding there are more issues and offices up for grabs this election than just the White House), and resolve to never let this happen due to inaction and poor judgement again.

The solution to problems caused by our past disengagement from the civic life of our nation, and from lack of discernment, is not more moral relativism and retreat. 

That’s entirely the wrong lesson to learn from the current mess we’re in.

Let’s take our lumps, vote as best we can, learn from our mistakes and resolve to never again be reduced to such poor choices.