​Some things just don’t make sense when you cut through the enticing, nice sounding rhetoric.

For example:

So-called “progressive”, existential “Christians” calling Jesus “Lord”.

Yet at the same time, they implicitly claim the right to define Him on their own terms …

By explicitly rejecting His plenary authority and discipline of Scripture as His written Word.

At the core, they know not Christ.

Rather, they serve a God of their own perceptions, created in the image of their own sensibilities.

They may be charming. They may be inspirational. They may even occasionally say good things.

But in the end, their way leads to destruction as they lead others over an existential cliff.

Where they hold sway, you will not find viable local churches (of any stripe), the power and authority of the Gospel, cohesive functional community, God’s Kingdom conquering darkness, or the Great Commission in action.

But hey, they do write good books and blogs telling others “how to” on all the things they themselves “don’t do” because their self-centered ideologies simply don’t work.

That’s why, when you look closely, you inevitably find that they repeatedy fail to make their own ideals – which they peddle to others – work in their own lives …

When they even bothered to try.

It’s time for clear discernment.

It’s time for clear talk.

It’s time to move forward as we leave their hollow existential angst and postmodern fraud behind.

The times once again demand authentic disciples who embrace all of Christ and His Kingdom …

While boldly going forth into all spheres of life with the confidence and power of His Word.

May we once again affirm a vibrant relationship with the Living Word, in submission to the authority and discipline of His written Word.

Christ’s mission for us, and His love for a watching world, demand nothing less.