Haven’t the repeated failures by the existential fringe of the “organic” church movement – with authors like Felicity Dale, Frank Viola, Milt Rodriguez, Jon Zens, Keith Giles and their buddies – made it abundantly clear?

Without the plenary authority of Scripture, simple participatory churches don’t succeed.

These fringe authors dismiss the plenary authority and discipline of Scripture – and in some cases even deny that the Bible is God’s written word – to peddle a Jesus of their own perception.

Their false Christ – who is little more than a projection of their own “deeper life” angst, post-modern sensibilities and trans-Biblical agendas – inevitably leads to dysfunctional, insular and anemic “communities”.

As each of their sporadic local “communities” then becomes more and more in-grown, eventually all but a handful of their most ardent “true believers” fade away – disillusioned and ashamed.

They, however, move on to some unsuspecting new group in some new town or forum to find new devotees through their books and blogs in order to do it all again – over and over.

They have done more to derail the promise and potential of simple organic churches than anyone else.

The pattern is clear:

Over the last ten years, their elevation of a false Christ and existential agenda over the plenary authority and discipline of Scripture has been a disaster.

They have laid a foundation of shifting sand for many sincere but unsuspecting people, with many wrecked lives and wrecked churches.

Their deceptions also have led to a history of infidelity, sexual predation, abuse and cover up among them – with ongoing threats against those who dare expose their patterns of deceit.

Simply put, their private lives and actual histories are at odds with their carefully cultivated, but fake, public personas and grandiose claims

Insanity is doing “church” their way over and over and expecting different results.

Don’t be insane.

If you seek simple church, forget all the cookie-cutter books, blogs, courses and conferences by the existential fringe.

They represent a self-serving cottage industry selling “how to” on things they themselves “don’t do” – because what they’re peddling hasn’t actually worked over time in their own lives, home towns or anywhere else.

Instead, learn from those with nothing to peddle or “ministry” to promote, but have an ongoing history of humbly and sustainably “being the church” with others in their own lives and home towns.

Chill out …

Forget all the extraneous agendas of the existential fringe …

Get back to simple faith and simple virtue …

Embrace and practice simple hospitality …

Then see what God does as people become comfortable expressing their wonderfully diverse, vibrant relationships with the Living Word to one another and to a waiting world, in simple submission to the authority and discipline of His written word.

There can be no other sure foundation.

It’s really not that complicated!