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Simple Faith — April 28, 2017

Simple Faith

I tire of all the “new things”, hip new labels and conference extravaganzas – peddled through the latest amazing book, ministry, “revelation” or program.

Just go and do what Jesus commands, as He calls you to do it. 

When you do, it will look different in different people, cultures and places …

Than it does in some hot new book or conference someone’s trying to promote.

“Missional”, “Christocentric”, “Neo-Evangelical”, “Eternal Purpose”, and even “Organic”:

Once they brand God and His purposes with some new label and convince everyone to hop on board …

It’s likely already so saddled with egos and extraneous agendas​ that it’s veered off track.

Learn to discern what’s good and eternal …

And leave the rest behind.

Simple Faith — April 27, 2017
Simple Church — April 26, 2017

Simple Church

We need more elders sharing lives among us …

And less “preachers” on podiums above us.

Unfortunately, few are willing to give up the recognition and privileges of the latter …

For the humility and sacrifices of the former.

Simple Truth — April 25, 2017

Simple Truth

Existentialism is a philosophy which claims that our own perceptions are the ultimate criteria for detetmining what is true, real and right. 

As such, it rejects external, transcendent standards of truth, reality and morality in lieu of individual subjectivity.

Thus, for example, so-called existential “Christians” dismiss God’s plenary authority of Scripture as His authentic, external written word. 

For them, how they feel or react when reading Scripture is higher revelation – and ultimately more authoritative – than Scripture itself. 

But they are crafty folk, and rationalize their subjective perceptions by calling them “Christ” or otherwise trying to recreate Him in their own image …

As though Christ and His written Word are at odds and stand divided.

Regardless, their muddled philosophy dares to judge God and filter Scripture through their own individualistic sensibilities …

And leaves them stuck with themselves. 

They are, in a word, fools …

Peddling deception to other fools who pay them heed.

Simple Truth — April 24, 2017
Simple Love — April 23, 2017

Simple Love

God doesn’t define sin to condemn us but to warn us about what harms and destroys …

Because He loves us enough to want us to have abundant life.

When we reject that …

We condemn ourselves.

Simple Faith — April 22, 2017
Simple Truth — April 21, 2017

Simple Truth

I am aware of NO instance where the Bible condones covering up the improprieties of those who claim to be leaders. 

In fact, the Biblical approach – Old and New Testament – is quite the opposite. 

Furthermore, truly repentant leaders will not try to hide their leadership sins, but openly confess and publicly repent. 

Absent that, they remain a danger to all …

Which is why 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 specifically commands that church leaders who abuse their position must be investigated and publicly exposed as a warning to all.

Simple Church — April 20, 2017

Simple Church

“Church” too often means expecting others to fit our own molds, in order to support the sensibilities and biases of our own cultural perspectives.

In contrast, I have learned to allow “church” to emerge in all its splendid diversity by letting the life of Christ take root in the rich soil of different cultures and communities.

Could that be why the Great Commission says “go”, rather than “come”?

Simple Truth — April 19, 2017

Simple Truth

God’s authoritative Word is not some fleeting inspiration you feel when reading the Bible …

But the Bible itself as His external standard given for all. 

It takes great hubris to claim otherwise …

By those who elevate their own subjective perceptions over the eternal, God breathed words of Scripture.

Simple Discipleship — April 18, 2017
Simple Truth — April 17, 2017

Simple Truth

The great lie of our times is that we should follow our heart …

Which leads to carnal Christians.

God never said what we feel is the standard for what is true, real and right.

In fact, God says the heart is deceitful, foolish and exceedingly wicked …

But His Word endures forever.

Which is why God seeks to redeem our heart …

But never elevates it above Scripture as our standard for life, doctrine and maturity.

Simple Faith — April 16, 2017
Simple Truth — April 15, 2017
Simple Truth — April 14, 2017

Simple Truth

What about those who peddle an appealing Christ of their own perception through enticing books, blogs, seminars and posts …

While dismissing His plenary authority of Scripture as His written Word?

It’s not that they’re always wrong.

After all, even broken clocks are right twice a day …

But only fools would try to use ’em to tell time.

Simple Truth — April 13, 2017
Simple Church — April 12, 2017

Simple Church

Slowly but surely, God is shifting the paradigm of church and leadership. 

It is becoming organic, simple and participatory, with healthy fellowships beginning to emerge. 

All I can say is forget the buzz words by past advocates like Viola, Dale, Zens, Rodriguez, Giles, Rohde and their buddies …

With their failed attempts to impose their own existential, cookie-cutter visions of Christ and the Church on God’s people through books and blogs that never lined up with reality in their own lives and home towns.

Instead, go and let the Lord express Himself as He sees fit, building on the foundation already apostolically laid through Scripture as His authoritative written Word, in the unique context of diverse communities … 

Where He still sends us today to make disciples among the lost and redeem nations.

That, my friends, is real “organic” church and leadership.

Simple Truth — April 11, 2017
Simple Truth — April 10, 2017
Simple Faith — April 9, 2017

Simple Faith

The greatest struggle for many is letting go of our hurts. 

More than sin, we let our hurts define us …

By holding onto the familiarity of our pain rather than chancing the unfamiliarity of a truly new life in Christ. 

Even among Christians, few risk the ongoing redemption of confession, forgiveness and repentance to become whole and complete in Him.

Really, it’s not that difficult …

But it does take trust.

Simple Truth — April 8, 2017
Simple Church — April 7, 2017

Simple Church

In Hebrews 13:17, some translations tell us to “obey” those who “rule over” us in the church. This is a very unfortunate translation. 

In the Greek, the verb translated “obey” is in the middle voice and means to “be persuaded”. Yet it is often wrongly translated in the active voice as “obey”, which has an entirely different meaning.

The verb phrase “rule over” also is a misleading translation. 

In the Greek, it does not mean having authority or being “over” anyone, but rather earned esteem by those who have given thought to and walked farther along the same path.

If they can’t persuade or earn your respect by having actually thought through and lived what they’re saying, then we are under no obligation to accord them any influence in our lives.

Bottom line: 

There is NO command in the New Testament to blindly obey or follow anyone – and no mandate for authoritarianism, “cover” or control over others – in the church.

Church leadership in the New Testament is straightforward: 

Be persuaded by those who thoughtfully walk the walk and are further along in their faith and life experience, yielding to their example as we submit one to another.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Simple Faith — April 6, 2017

Simple Faith

Often, longstanding hurts, disappointments and emotional wounds are like old, familiar friends. 

We let them become so engrained into our sense of identity that they begin to define us. 

When that happens, we often aren’t willing to transparently expose and turn them them over to Jesus …

But tightly hold onto them like a child clinging to a security blanket. 

Instead of finding liberation and wholeness through Christ, we become our past.

Simple Church — April 5, 2017

Simple Church

The New Testament says we should sing God’s praises together to encourage one another …

Not to somehow persuade God to show up.

Since He’s already present in those who know Him – and thus among us when we gather as His church – anyone claiming some special status to “lead” us into His presence is committing spiritual fraud …

By peddling counterfeit “worship”.

Simple Truth — April 3, 2017

Simple Truth

Healthy civilizations and societies are a Christian value …

Built and maintained by those who care enough to heed Christ’s Lordship in all spheres of life and human endeavor.