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Simple Truth — April 1, 2017
Simple Truth — March 31, 2017

Simple Truth

Apostate existentialists subject God and His written Word to their sensibilities …

Rather than subject their sensibilities to God and His written Word …

Thereby elevating themselves above God Himself and His plenary authority of Scripture.

Simple Faith — March 30, 2017
Simple Truth — March 29, 2017

Simple Truth

It’s amazing how much huff, puff and indignation arise when you simply ask those pushing their books, blogs and conferences on how to be the church …

If they are actually part of one in their own lives and home towns like they keep peddling to others.

Hypocrisy is not a Biblical virtue …

Nor should it be tolerated in those who presume to be teachers among us.

Simple Truth — March 28, 2017
Simple Truth — March 27, 2017

Simple Truth

​I would no sooner put a narcissist – repentant or otherwise – back in charge of a church after using his leadership position to prey on people entrusted to his care …

Than I would put a recovering alcoholic in charge of an open bar.

Simple Truth — March 26, 2017

Simple Truth

Narcissistic leaders know how to make you feel affirmed, wanted and needed. 

It’s how they control and use others to feed their own need for affirmation and validation.

But their charm comes at great peril, because they ultimately will consume you to advance their own self-serving agenda. 

Don’t be co-dependent, no matter how gifted they seeem.

God created you for better.

Simple Faith — March 25, 2017
Simple Truth — March 24, 2017

Simple Truth

In the New Testament, government is not charged with making us righteous …

But with protecting us from the unrighteous.

This presumes, however, that government must adopt standards of righteousness …

While being restrained in how they are applied.

Simple Discipleship — March 23, 2017

Simple Discipleship

It is liberating to learn that God did not create us to be like someone else …

But instead gives us different personalities and motivations that match our diverse spiritual gifts. 

We experience His pleasure as we learn to use and enjoy those gifts as He intended …

In our lives, families, fellowships and surrounding communities.

Simple Truth — March 22, 2017

Simple Truth

When it comes to laws and government …

There is no moral neutrality. 

Someone’s ultimate beliefs will always prevail and become the basis for our laws and national policies, which the government then enforces …

Even if it is the belief that there are no moral principles.

Simple Truth — March 21, 2017
Simple Truth — March 20, 2017
Simple Truth — March 19, 2017

Simple Truth

When we give civil government the separate rights and responsibilities assigned by God to individuals, to families and to His church …

It becomes our idol and we its supplicants.

Simple Church — March 18, 2017

Simple Church

Pharisees in the New Testament were religious teachers and leaders who insisted that others do what they were not doing or living in their own lives.

Today, we have authors, bloggers and so-called “workers” (their euphemism for “apostles”) peddling their ideas, books, seminars and influence by telling others how to form an “organic” or “simple” church …

Despite no consistent history of substainably making what they promote work in their own lives, home towns or anywhere else.

One need look no further than Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodriguez, Felicity Dale, Ross Rohde, Keith Giles and their buddies …

With their various here today, gone tomorrow mutual promotion networks.

The irony is that when you point this out, they call YOU the Pharisee!

Simple, participatory church works as the New Testament authoritatively shows it  …

Not as they keep selling it to promote themselves, their “ministries” and their failed existential agendas.

Be discerning.

Simple Discipleship — March 17, 2017
Simple Truth — March 16, 2017

Simple Truth

Too often, we say it’s all about Jesus, when in reality we create Jesus in our own image – shaped by hurts from wrongs and disappointments we’ve suffered …

And use that false Christ to justify our safely-ensconced retreat into self-constructed cocoons.

Such a false Jesus then becomes our bondage …

Rather than the authentic, liberating Lord of all.

Simple Love — March 15, 2017
Simple Church — March 14, 2017
Simple Discipleship — March 13, 2017
Simple Church — March 12, 2017

Simple Church

There are no hierarchical titles in the New Testament regarding God’s people and the church:

Just straightforward descriptive words for different functions using the everyday language of ordinary folk when it was first written …

And bad English translations which imply otherwise today.

Simple Truth — March 11, 2017
Simple Truth — March 10, 2017
Simple Truth — March 9, 2017

Simple Truth

Do your expressions of simple Biblical truth and related questions seem to irritate those persistently using God to push on His people whatever next new thing strikes their fancy, without having first paid the price to understand and make it work in their own lives and local communities?

Maybe it’s good to occasionally irritate people teaching what they ain’t living …

Just like Jesus did with the Pharisees of His day.


Simple Church — March 8, 2017