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Simple Virtue — November 13, 2016
Simple Love — October 26, 2016
Simple Joy — September 22, 2016

Simple Joy

​Most mornings I wake up grateful.

Before the day starts, I like to sit and quietly watch the sun rise while prayerfully contemplating the many blessings God has restored in my life.

I’ve learned not to dwell on what I’ve lost as He prunes me for new growth …

By forgetting to appreciate the wonder of new opportunities, new relationships, and even new purposes and meanings in Christ.

He makes all things new.

Simple Love — September 16, 2016

Simple Love

​”Christians” who interpret Christ and judge His Word by their own notions of love …

Rather than conform their notions of love to Christ and His Word …

Know not Christ and misunderstand love.

Simple Discipleship — September 13, 2016

Simple Discipleship

God’s norms apply to all cultures, for the blessings of all …

But often are uniquely expressed in each.

While holding to those norms, don’t interpret another’s situation and culture through the lens of your own situation and culture.

Doing so thwarts mutual esteem and understanding.

That’s true even when it’s done with the best of intentions.

In contrast, the Great Commission requires us to go beyond our own reality and enter into very different realities …

Where people are very different than us.

They may be across the globe, or just down the street.

Few do it.

Nonetheless, Jesus bids us “go” with a fierce love that takes us outside our own limited perspectives.

Only then can we truly embrace “others” as brothers in Him.

Simple Love — September 10, 2016
Simple Faith — September 2, 2016
Simple Love — August 13, 2016
Simple Love — August 12, 2016
Simple Love — July 14, 2016
Simple Virtue — June 6, 2016

Simple Virtue

Because He loves us, Jesus affirms in Romans 13 – and elsewhere – the State’s obligation to stop evildoers and protect innocent lives …

Through the judicious use, if needed, of deadly force.

Some deny this by reducing love to a distorted sentimentality which lacks substance …

While sacrificing others on the altar of a false Jesus of their own creation.

Simple Love — May 23, 2016

Simple Love

Real love doesn’t just affirm what is good and right, but also opposes what enslaves and destroys.

Those ministering authentic grace to folks who are lost and know it …

Understand this.

Those peddling a conceptual faith that’s never put into practice …


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Simple Joy — April 11, 2016
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Simple Virtue — April 3, 2016
Simple Love — March 18, 2016
Simple Faith — March 6, 2016
Simple Faith — March 3, 2016

Simple Faith

In the cool of the day, God walked side-by-side and fellowshipped face-to-face with Adam in Adam’s garden …

To enjoy together the fruit of Adam’s passion, creativity and labor.

It’s OK to be human …

That’s where God wants to meet us too.

Simple Discipleship — February 3, 2016
Simple Truth — January 13, 2016

Simple Truth

Everyone loves the prophetic, until it speaks of them …

Everyone loves discipleship, so long as there’s no discipline …

Everyone loves ekklesia, without submitting to each other …

Everyone loves truth, except when there’s a price …

Everyone loves God’s Kingdom, but not the dictates of His rule …

Everyone loves Jesus, yet seldom on His terms.

Bottom line?

Don’t be everyone.

Simple Love — December 28, 2015
Simple Virtue — December 20, 2015
Simple Love — December 6, 2015